Your Gateway to Real Estate Opportunities in Francophone Africa.
Add the growing strength of Francophone African real estate to your investment portfolios. With our careful selection of verified listings, and a team of industry experts, Koolute helps investors build wealth through intelligent property investment backed by leading market insights.
koolute investment

We know that investors are different; with a unique investment strategy, risk profile and market interest.

From sourcing, financing and acquisition to ongoing management and resale, we pride ourselves on making real estate investment an easily manageable process, and a highly profitable part of your portfolio.

Rental Income Focus

We provide access to Investment opportunities in strategically-located assets, with high occupancy rates, suitable tenants, and long-term leases.

Development Focus

We offer real estate conversion through partnerships with leading developers, ultimately positioning your portfolio for capital appreciation and yield growth.

why choose Koolute ?

With our use of Web3.0 tech & careful selection of property partners you will


Koolute boasts a large audience of qualified overseas investors who are interested in expanding their portfolios by purchasing property in your market. We connect you seamlessly with this tailored audience by offering them a straightforward way to access your property, invest and profit from the potential returns of your development.

Marketing and Communications Support:

Our in-house PR team works in tandem with our market-specific PR agencies to identify opportunities that will help raise the profile and increase the reach of developments and developers using marketing tactics that cut through the clutter and connect with your desired audience.

End-to-End Consultation Approach:

Our in-depth property expertise, long-term knowledge, and up-to-date appreciation of every one of the Francophone African markets in which we operate means we are well positioned to offer tailored wealth management and investment advisory services.

360º Platform

Koolute provides a well rounded platform that makes it possible to manage all the touchpoints for your real estate sales process in one single place. From payments, to advisory, marketing support, and everything in between, Koolute offers you a single source of truth for your real estate business.

Advanced Security & transparency:

Transparency stands at the heart of our process. We offer secure risk management designed to protect assets and operations on our platform. Koolute runs on industry-leading security and encryption at its core, and we are always working to protect your engagements on Koolute.

Buying process:

Koolute Investments


Fill out the contact form and one of our real-estate advisors will get in touch within 24hours

Consultation with one of advisor

Receive expert advice and recommendations from our team of African real-estate specialist

Property & Seller due diligence

Our team of experts will carefully undergo due diligence to verify property data & KYC

Make an offer

Choose from our portfolio of verified listings and with a single click submit your offer


Using our platform's Smart Contracts will ensure a faster closing time and less errors.

koolute investment

Create wealth by investing smartly in verified properties from across Africa. We have boots on the ground, sourcing the best deals and market insights for your benefit.

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