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Who we are

Koolute is a property portal that connects buyers & sellers everywhere to the most lucrative property deals across Francophone Africa.

With Koolute, investors can now add the rapidly growing strength of African real estate to diversify their portfolios. Our mission is to increase access to a wide range of high-yield properties delivering on steady cash flow and capital appreciation for real estate investors.

We employ a thorough selection process to ensure high service quality for you across our entire experience. Our simple and intuitive platform enables sellers to list their properties, verify their claims and connect them with buyers and investors worldwide. We provide you with the latest market insights and guidance from our team of experts, and a blockchain-enabled feature for tracking transactions and providing visibility to processes end to end.

Our Services

Sell your property

Our growing base of real estate investors, and our vast relationships means that we are primed to help you navigate a successful sale from start till finish.

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Buy a property

Access verified property listings from vetted agents and partners, get detailed property insights to support your investment decisions, and make a purchase seamlessly.

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How Koolute Works

We seamlessly connect real estate owners with investors and buyers by combining thorough due diligence with reliable technology and a simple onboarding process.

Verified Property Listings

Choose from an expansive lineup of carefully selected properties thoroughly vetted by expert professionals in our market research team.

Market Data and Insights

We provide the latest real estate market intelligence, detailed analysis, and verified demographic information to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Secure Blockchain-enabled Transactions

Get access to immutable records of property ownership and track the status of your transactions in real time. This provides an extra layer of trust and integrity.

Faster Deal Completions

Easily find buyers and investors for your properties or shake hands on your preferred investment opportunity in no time.

Core Values


Our goal is to change the face of real estate investing in Africa by integrating future forward technology for faster, simpler and more secure investing.


We take the greatest care to protect our sellers, investors and buyers by complying with stringent internal and external regulations.


We constantly strive to open up new markets and opportunities to real estate owners, investors and buyers for shared prosperity.


Our long term relationships are built on trust, accountability, and integrity. We build lasting and sustainable partnerships with our real estate developers, market experts, agents, investors and the entire value chain.

Why Invest in Africa.

Koolute’s mission is to provide access to Francophone Africa’s dynamic real estate market.

There’s $9Trillion in trapped land and property markets across emerging markets and africa. The World Bank predicted that, by 2021, 62.5 percent of Africa’s fastest growing economies will be in Francophone Africa. Currently, it boasts five out of the ten fastest-growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, namely, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Guinea.

Built on strong democratic structures and held together by reliable institutions, Senegal is one of the most politically stable nations in Africa. Real estate has also proven to be a profitable asset class in Senegal, with property investments in Dakar, for instance, yielding an average return of 10%-13%, depending on the type of property.

Additionally, potential investors can expect even better returns on investment with time due to factors such as the wave of urbanization sweeping across Senegal and driving up demand for housing. Per data from the World Bank, 60% of Senegal’s population will live in urban areas by 2030.

The enabling environment Senegal offers multinationals, NGOs and other institutions also means that the French-speaking country is fast becoming a vibrant hub – a position that will also increase demand for real estate.

The trends that make Senegal a smart destination for real estate investment are also visible across the other nations in Francophone Africa. French-speaking countries currently account for five of the top ten fastest-growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, with Côte d’Ivoire (7%), Senegal (6.7%), Benin (6.3%) Burkina Faso (6%) and Guinea (5.9%) all making the list.

Africa’s French-speaking countries have also recently shown the potential to offer higher returns on real estate investment than other regions.

koolute investment

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